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KFS Establishes the 'Forest Prenatal Education'


The Korea Forest Service (KFS, Minister SHIN Won Sop) established the 'Forest Prenatal Education' Program which offers 12 sessions of forest meditation and forest walks from September to October of this year.

'Forest Prenatal Education' refers to the emotional/physical activities within the forest where the mother and the fetus can commune in nature, using pure natural elements such as the scente of phytoncide, natural sounds of forests, sounds of water flows, and others. Through these elements, mothers can relieve anxiety, reduce heart rate through relaxation, and relieve stress through reduced level of cortisol (which is a hormone released in response to stress).

This 'Forest Prenatal Education' Program consists various activities. The 'forest trail walks' allows mothers to share the earthly energy with their child and allows them to feel the nature. The 'cypress foot baths' helps mothers to mitigate the blood circulation disorders associated with pregnancy. There are also other popular activities such as 'aromatherapy hand massages' and the 'baby handkerchief crafts'.

The 'Forest Prental's Program will be implemented in three national Healing Forests (Saneum, Jangseong, and Chungtaesan). Anyone who wishes to participate in the Program can download the application form from the KFS website and send it to There are no fees associated with the Program, but it only opens 30 spots per each session.

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