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Top 10 News of Korea Forest Service in 2016


Top 10 news topics of KFS in 2016 are selected through a questionnaire survey answered by the general people, media reporters and Korea Forest Service personnel.

1. The 15th World Forestry Congress will be hosted in Seoul, 2021.

2. Gift of forest - public value of forest reaches 126 billion USD.

3. Act on Forest Welfare enters into force : Korean people feel they can get more benefits in this new era of green welfare.

4. Jeongryeongchi (ridge) in Baekdudaegan (the backbone of Korea’s mountain system) which was broken for the last 28 years now has been rehabilitated.

5. A systematic management of Baekdudaegan hiking trails along with a nature rest system will prevent damage to the environment.

6. The age of smart hiking begins in the wake of opening all trekking information.

7. Korea Forest Service delivers urban forests into people’s hands.

8. The first National Forest Healing Center opens up in Yeongju, Gyeongbuk Province.

9. People’s Happiness Tree bears a fruit of forest happiness.

10. The construction of the tallest wood building is completed among walls of concrete in Korea.

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