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Nongovernmental Plantation Project to Combat Desertification in China

This Plantation Project is implemented through the private-level support in order to reduce desertification and its damage in Kubuchi desert, inner Mongolia, China and extend the non-governmental cooperation through plantation activities. The Korea Green Promotion Agency (now merged into the Korea Forest Promotion Institute) supervises this project which has been carried out by the Future Forest, Korean nongovernmental organization, the Chinese Youth Communism Group and the City of Dalategi.

As of 2016 the planted area added up to 1,363 ha staring from 2007. Plantation activities were made through sand fixation, forest road construction and droughtresistant tree planting. Follow-up management includes irrigation equipment installation, local technical training, mid-term planning and more importantly the development of planation plan for 2017 and coming years.

  • Planted roadsidePlanted roadside
  • Poplar planted areaPoplar planted area
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