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Joint Research on Landslide Prevention System in Urban Zone of Life

With the view of conducting a joint research in landslide prevention, The National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS) signed a MOU with the Public Works Research Institute of Japan in 2009. The two Institutes initiated several survey visits to each country in rotation under the MOU. And then from 2012 to 2016, the two Institutes organized a seminar on bed-load monitoring using acoustic sensor and took a field trip to bed-load monitoring facilities, erosion control dams and bypass dams in Japan, and implemented joint research on landslide damage investigation, evaluation & reporting, related observation and detection systems, etc.

  • Field trip to bed-load monitoring facilityField trip to bed-load monitoring facility
  • In-site seminar at erosion control damIn-site seminar at erosion control dam

Application Research on Oak Wilt Prevention Measures

NIFoS conducted a three-year application research in order to examine origines and spread paths of oak wilt fungus and vectors. NIFoS delivered three vector samples for experiment to Japan and visited oak wilt-infected areas and treated areas in Japan. In addition a seminar on Japan’s research trends was organized and a field study to infected areas in Korea was arranged.

Joint Research for Ecological Forecasting on Forest Changes to Response Climate Change

To establish a research network for forest ecosystem management and develope technology of climate change impacts monitoring, NIFoS cooperates on a four-year joint project for 2014~2018 with the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Japan. First NIFoS organized an invitatory meeting in Seoul to discuss how to develop a long-term forest ecosystem research in 2014 and again arranged a Korea- Japan-China workshop in China in the same light.

Development of Fire-Resistant Timber for Building Interior Use and Structural Use

NIFoS is carrying out another joint research for 2015~2017 with the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Japan with the aim of developing fire-resistance technology in timber, thereby contributing to boosting the timber industry.

Through this joint research, the pressurized flame retardant for timber was developed and its treatment was demonstrated at a timber plant. Also the capacity of flame retardant injection into larch was improved.

  • Injection of flame retardantInjection of flame retardant
  • Study tour to fire-resistant timber buildingStudy tour to fire-resistant timber building
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