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Joint Research on New Superior Race of Robinia pseudoacasia

The National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS) has been working with the Hungarian Forest Research Institute on a joint research slated for 2013~2017. This research is to introduce clones and secure foreign superior species thereby improving the forest productivity.

So far a clone bank of Robinia pseudoacasia has been established in Hungary and its adaptability experiment was conducted comparing the Hungarian habitat in Pusztavasc Nyirség and the domestic habitat in Korea. A Robinia pseudoacasia stand management method has been developed through analyzing characteristics of tree growth.

Building on these achievements, a superior race suitable for honey and timber production will be developed and introduced to Korea through this on-going research.

  • Selected Robinia pseudoacasia-planted siteSelected Robinia pseudoacasia-planted site
  • Experimental forest of developed clonesExperimental forest of developed clones
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