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Cooperative Activities with AFoCO


Project Implementation Process

The AFoCo Secretariat reviews the project proposals submitted by the member countries and after feasibility test, the proposal is on the agenda items in order to obtain approval from the Council meeting. Once approved, implementing countries conclude MOU or MOI and initiate projects in accordance with the project proposals.

Type of Projects/Programs

  • Regional Cooperation Projects and Program : duration less than 5 years
  • AFoCo Landmark Program : duration of 10 years

Cooperative Projects/Programs

  • 1. Capacity Building on Improving Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) and Enhancing the Involvement of the Local Communities to Address the Impact of Climate Change
  • 2. Promotion of Forest Rehabilitation in Cambodia and Viet Nam through Demonstration Models and Improvement of Seed Supply System
  • 3. Facilitating the Participatory Planning of Community-based Forest Management Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Technologies in Forest Resources Management in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand
  • 4. Capacity Building for Landscape Approach to Support the Sustainable Natural Resources Management in Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore
  • 5. Developing High Valuable Species in Viet Nam and Thailand a Mechanism for Sustainable Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement for Local Communities
  • 6. Domestication of Endangered, Endemic and Threatened Plant Species (EETS) in Disturbed Terrestrial Ecosystems in Malaysia and Thailand
  • 7. Establishment of Research and Education Training Center (RETC)
  • 8. Establishment of Forest Genetics Center for Restoration of Major Timber Species in Cambodia
  • 9. Village-based Forest Rehabilitation in Lao PDR
  • 10. Rehabilitation and Development of Mangrove Forest Ecosystem in Thai Binh Province
FERI Capacity-building Workshop in Bangkok
Study on community based forest management
  • Procurement of GIS toolsProcurement of GIS tools
  • Ex-lignite mined site at Mae Moh, Lampang ThailandEx-lignite mined site at Mae Moh, Lampang Thailand
  • Path clearing for GPS reading for site identification in MalaysiaPath clearing for GPS reading for site identification in Malaysia
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