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Support for Overseas Forest Investment


As the world faces global warming challenge, countries around the world seeks measures to mitigate carbon emission. The Korea Forest Service set a goal of 1 million ha plantation by 2050 to secure sustainable use of forest products and expand carbon sinks to mitigate global warming.

Overseas investment projects allow Korea to have competitive edge over forests around the world and secure sustainable supply of raw materials from the forests. The projects not only benefit Korea but also the rest of the world. Systematic plantation by registered companies can protect the forests by using sustainable reforestation methods and restricting and controlling illegal logging activities and trade of illegally harvested logs.

In 2016, a total of 97 companies registered for overseas forest resources development business in 23 countries, 34 companies are conducting overseas plantation projects in 14 countries (413,000ha).

Also, 11 companies have shipped more than 2.3 million m3 of wood products including unsawn-timber, wood pallet and pulp chips, from 10 countries. Plantation projects in overseas can balance domestic supply and demand of wood products and can develop biomass industry using wood-pallets. Biomass, which is a source of energy, can play an important role in combating and mitigating environmental problems around the world. It can also serve as a new driver in growth.

Overseas Forest Resources Development Business Registration (as of 2016)

Overseas Forest Resources Development Business Registration (as of 2016)
Business Registration
Host countries 23
Registered companies 97
Business details Total (project number) 113 (total)
Plantation sub-total 54
Industry 32
Bioenergy 21
Carbon credits 1
Logging 16
Processing 43

Overseas Plantation : 413,000 ha in 14 foreign countries by 34 Korean companies

Overseas Forest Resources Development Business Registration (as of 2016)
Total 1993~2015 First half of 2016
In 14 foreign countries by 34 companies (total) 413,322 ha 399,068 ha 14,254 ha
On-going businesses in 12 foreign countries by 27 companies 377,703 ha 363,449 ha 14,254 ha
Completed businesses in 5 foreign countries by 6 companies 35,619 ha 35,619 ha
  • Planted areas by yearPlanted areas by year
  • Planted areas by countryPlanted areas by country
  • Biomass plantation site in IndonesiaBiomass plantation site in Indonesia
  • Logging of acacia trees planted in Viet NamLogging of acacia trees planted in Viet Nam
  • Rubber tree planation in CambodiaRubber tree planation in Cambodia
  • Plantation site in ParguayPlantation site in Parguay
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