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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest




NIFoS is committed to leading the development of forest science and technology based on trust and respect.

Nam Sung Hyun

Nam Sung Hyun, Ph. D.

Welcome all of you to the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS)’s website.

The NIFoS is the national research institute that has committed to a long history of Korean forest science and technology, conducting studies to lead the public well-being, healthy land, and world greening for more than 90 years.

With the vision of “Beloved Global Forest Research Institute”, and in order to develop and provide creative forest science and technology for the public and those in forestry, the NIFoS would like to make its every effort as follows:

First, the NIFoS will promote customer- and field-oriented research and development by reinforcing communication among industry, academy and institute; second, the NIFoS will reinforce our customer-centered services by diversifying our communication channels as well as actively reflecting the research outcomes into forest policies; third, the NIFoS will concentrate its capacity on improving the efficiency of organization and the degree of research perfection; and fourth, the NIFoS will lead the global forest science and technology by strengthening both domestic and international network for forest cooperation, with various studies including the forest restoration in North Korea.

Through such efforts, the NIFoS will establish its sold status as a world-class forest science research institute, and will always gladly listen to and respond to the public’s needs and opinions.

We appreciate your generous interest and kindly ask for your continued support and interest.

Thank you.

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