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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest





  • Feb. 1994Ph. D. in forest resources, Seoul National University
  • Feb. 1986M.A. in forestry, Seoul National University
  • Feb. 1984B.A. in forestry, Seoul National University
  • Feb. 1980Cheongju High School, ChungCheong-buk-do

Professional Career

  • Jan. 2017∼ President, National Institute of Forest Science of Korea Forest Service
  • Jan. 2017∼Feb. 2015Director General, Forest Resources Bureau, Korea Forest Service
  • Jan. 2015∼Feb. 2014Director General, International Affairs Bureau, Korea Forest Service
  • Jan. 2014∼Apr. 2011Secondment to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO)
  • Feb. 2011∼Jan. 2010Director General, the Southern Regional Office, Korea Forest Service
  • Dec. 2009∼Mar. 2008 Director, Human Resources Development Team, Planning and Public Relation Bureau, Korea Forest Service
  • Jul. 2006∼May. 1986Served as Directors of Forest Conservation Division, Forest Land Management Division, Forest Fire Prevention and Control Division, and as Director General of Human Resources Development Bureau, Korea Forest Service
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