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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest





  • Feb. 2016Ph.D. in North Korean Studies, University of North Korean Studies
  • Feb. 2007 M. Div. in Theology, Korea Baptist Theological University
  • May. 2003M.A. Candidacy in Agroforestry, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
  • Dec. 1993M.A. in National Defense Management, Korea National Defense University
  • Feb. 1986B.A. in Forestry, Korea University

Professional Career

  • Jan. 2019 ∼ PresentPresident (Ranked as General Senior Civil Service) of National Institute of
        Forest Science (NIFoS),Korea Forest Service (KFS), Republic of Korea
  • Oct. 2017 ∼ Jan. 2019Director General of the Northern Regional Office, KFS
  • Feb. 2017 ∼ Oct. 2019Director General of Forest Industry & Policy Bureau, KFS
  • Feb. 2014 ∼ Feb. 2017Secondment to Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations
        (UN FAO)
  • Nov. 2013 ~ Jan. 2014Director General of the Eastern Regional Office, KFS
  • Feb. 2011 ~ Nov. 2013Director General of Forest Utilization Bureau, KFS
  • Jan. 2010 ~ Feb. 2011Director of Forest Policy Director, KFS
  • Mar. 2008 ~ Dec. 2009Director of Forest Resources Division, KFS
  • Dec. 2007 ~ Mar. 2008Head of Forest Seed Variety Protection Taskforce Team
  • Apr. 2006 ~ Dec. 2007Director of Forest Resources Division, KFS
  • Jan. 2005 ~ Apr. 2006Director General of the Central Regional Office of KFS
  • Jan. 2004 ~ Dec. 2004Director of Forest Protection Division, KFS
  • Jul.  2000 ~ Jun.  2001Secondment to Korea Rural Economic Institute
  • Jan. 1999 ~ May 1999Assistant Director of Forest Management Division
  • Feb. 1994 ~ Jul.  1995Management Director of Namwon Regional Office of KFS
        (Currently the Southern Regional Office of KFS)
  • Apr. 1990Passed the 25th Higher Civil Examination in Forestry
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