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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest




Healthy Forest, Rich Mountains, Happy People

  • Aug. 1922 Established as the Forestry Experiment Station
  • Dec. 1987 Reorganized and renamed as the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI)
  • Jan. 1998 The Forest Genetics Research Institute merged into KFRI as the Department of Forest Genetic Resources
  • Jan. 1999 The Forestry Training Institute merged into KFRI as the Department of Forestry Training
  • Jan. 2001 Reformed as the Executive Administrative Agency *
  • Jan. 2006 The Department of Forestry Training was separated from KFRI as the Forest Human Resources Development Institute
  • Aug. 2008 The Forest Tree Research Center was separated from KFRI as the Korea Forest Seed & Variety Center
  • Aug. 2010 Hosted the 23rd IUFRO World Congress
  • Jan. 2012 The Korea Forestry Promotion Institute was separated from KFRI

Executive Administrative Agency *

Introduced in 2001, Executive Administrative Agencies are organizations with more autonomy from the government in their decision-making process in order to provide more effective and efficient administrative services. Renamed as the National Institute of Forest Science(NIFoS)

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