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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Forest Policy and Economics Department


Forest Policy and Economics Department

Forest Policy and Economics Department aims to conduct research for developing customer-oriented forest policies and improving citizen’s quality of life.
Under this goal, the Division strives to develop forestry and forest product industry for enhancing forest value, implement sustainable forest management, develop convergence technology for advancing forest resource information, and establish rational forestland∙mountain village policies. We are also committed to strengthening international and inter-Korean forest cooperation, exploring forest resources abroad, enhancing customer satisfaction through efficient forest welfare services, and securing forest carbon credits in preparation for post-2020 era.

Forest Industry Research Division

Forest Industry Research Division carries out research on forest policy, forest economics, forest management, forest resource information and forestland management. Forest policy research is focused on analyzing domestic and foreign forest policies, and enhancing international and inter-Korean forest cooperation. Our forest economics research centers on advancing public benefits of forest, improving forest ecosystem services, and analyzing the recent trend of forest economics such as FTA. Forest management research works on implementing sustainable forest management, improving the management of national, public, and private forests, and developing a program for the diagnosis of non-timber forest resources management. Forest resource information research includes advanced utilization of forest resource information through GIS/RS, scientific inventory, monitoring, evaluation, management and utilization of forest resources. Forestland management research is aimed at realizing environment-friendly use of forestlands through the improvement of forestland management systems and classification of forest functions.

  • Establishment of forest basic plan
    Establishment of forest basic plan
  • Sustainable forest management
    Sustainable forest management
  • National forest inventory system
    National forest inventory system
  • Forests of North Korea
    Forests of North Korea
  • Economic forest complex
    Economic forest complex
  • Forest carbon map
    Forest carbon map
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