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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Forest Conservation Department


Forest Conservation Department

In order to proactively respond to forest environmental change, Forest Conservation Department aims to assess climate change impact on forest ecosystems, develop adaptation technology to climate change, conserve biodiversity, manage urban forests and Maeulsoop, predict forest fires and disasters, prevent and recover from debris flow, combat desertification, conserve water and soil at forest watershed, develop early rehabilitation technology for devastated forests, and implement comprehensive control of forest insect pests and diseases.

Forest Ecology and Climate Change Division

Forest Ecology and Climate Change Division aims to conserve and manage biodiversity and forest ecosystem health by investigating the structure and functions of forest ecosystem and examining and analyzing its changes. To achieve this goal, we focus on monitoring long-term changes in the forest ecosystem, predicting climate change impact on the ecosystem, classifying ecosystems and conserving biodiversity on the Korean Peninsula. We also investigate growth characteristics and environmental adaptation of trees to find the cause of tree damage and ecophysiological changes in the forest ecosystem under abnormal weather conditions. Also, we work on ecological creation and management of urban forest and Maeulsoop(Village Grove), and conduct research on quantitative analysis of environmental function and value of such forests to enhance the life quality of urban residents.

  • Long-term ecology tower (Gwangneung)
    Long-term ecology tower(Gwangneung)
  • Analysis of vegetation coverage (LAI investigation) Analysis of vegetation coverage(LAI investigation)
  • Forest vegetation map
    Forest vegetation map
  • Biotope assessment and mapping in urban forest
    Biotope assessment and mapping in urban forest
  • Classification of Maeulsoop
    Classification of Maeulsoop
  • Investigation on physiological activation of trees
    Investigation on physiological activation of trees
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