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Forest Products Department


Forest Products Department

In order to respond to climate change and maximize added values of wood resources, Forest Products Department focuses on wood properties and structure, NT-based new wood materials, wood processing technology for resource recycling, BT-based wooden bio-energy, and forest microorganism. By doing so, we aim to seek a new growth engine and develop technology for industrial use of wood.

Wood Engineering Division

Wood Engineering Division carries out research on wood properties, performance evaluation, standardization of wood products and wood structure system to secure competitive wood-use technologies and lead the wood industry. We analyze basic wood properties, establish related database, develop optimal drying techniques for domestic timbers, assess wood performance, design wooden bridge for vehicles and develop basic technology for facilitating wood industry. Furthermore, the Division develops technologies for commercializing industrialized houses made of domestic timbers and develops structural components for large wooden structures to promote long-term wood use technologies. Through such efforts, we are pushing for Han Green House Project which aims to reduce CO2 emissions through postharvest wood products. As such, Wood Engineering Division mainly focuses on investigating the characteristics of woods, environment-friendly and renewable natural resources, and promoting efficient wood use to enhance people’s quality of life and natural environment.

  • Anatomical properties of pine
    Anatomical properties of pine
  • Timber drying
    Timber drying
  • Wooden bridge
    Wooden bridge
  • Structural performance evaluation of preservative laminated wood
    Structural performance evaluation of preservative laminated wood
  • Structure strength test
    Structure strength test
  • Han Green wooden house
    Han Green wooden house
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