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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Forest Technology and Management Research Center


Forest Practice Research Center conducts research on the creation and cultivation (i.e. nursery, forestation, regeneration, silviculture, forest tending) of forest resources and establishment of infrastructure for forest management (i.e. forest operation system, forest roads, forestry mechanization). Our research aims to achieve the following goals: 1) to develop optimal nursery and forestation techniques for developing forest resources; 2) to establish economic forests and develop forest tending technology for enhancing value of natural forests; 3) to establish an efficient forest operation system connecting harvest and regeneration; 4) to create a systematic production basis for enhanced production and utilization of forest resources; and 5) to develop and enhance forest machinery for dealing with medium and large-diameter logs.

  • Spring in Gwangneung
    Spring in Gwangneung
  • Containerized seedling production of pine trees
    Containerized seedling production of pine trees
  • Test site for thinning of pine trees
    Test site for thinning of pine trees
  • Tower yarder operation
    Tower yarder operation
  • Experimental construction of timber retaining wall
    Experimental construction of timber retaining wall
  • Bundling of logging residues
    Bundling of logging residues

Gwangneung Forest

Gwangneung Forest was designated as an attached forest to the royal tomb of King Sejo, the 7th King of Joseon Dynasty, in 1468. Ever since, the Forest was strictly maintained as a royal family-owned forest for more than 500years. In 1913, the Forest, except the area sattached to the royal tomb, was designated as an experimental forest. Playing a significant role as a rich repository of forest biodiversity and a cradle of forestry experiment research over a century, it has developed into Gwangneung Experimental Forest of Forest Practice Research Center of KFRI.
Of Gwangneung Forest’s total area (2,190ha), the Forest Practice Research Center is managing 1,072 ha of experimental forests. In the natural forest of 1,200 ha, pines, oaks, red-leaved hornbeam, ash trees and other trees grow. In particular, red-leaved hornbeam stands, the climax warm temperate broad-leaved forest, grow in the 34 ha forest surrounding Mt. Soribong.

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