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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Site Description


Four sites (Gwangneung Experimental Forest, Mt. Gyebangsan, Mt. Geumsan, and Jeju) established in natural forest and one site (Samcheok) is located in disturbed forest by fire are managed by the National Institute of Forest Science.

Location of Sites

Gwangneung Experimental Forest (GEF)
  • Gwangnung Experimental Forest / Gyeonggi-do Province, Republic of Korea
  • 37° 48'N, 127° 11'E, 300
  • 537m, 500ha

Gwangneung Experimental Forest (GEF)

Mt. Gyebangsan (GBS)
  • Mt. Gyebangsan / Gangwon-do Province, Republic of Korea
  • 37° 44'N, 128° 29'E, 900
  • 1577m, 440 ha

Mt. Gyebangsan (GBS)

Mt. Geumsan (GMS)
  • Mt. Geumsan / Gyeongsangnam-do Province, Republic of Korea
  • 34° 30'N, 127°59'E, 100
  • 700m, 300 ha

Mt. Geumsan (GMS)

Samcheok (SCK)
  • Mt. Geombongsan / Gangwon-do Province, Republic of Korea
  • 37° 12'-16'N, 129°15' -21'E, 0
  • 844m, 4,000 ha

Samcheok (SCK)

  • Jeju Experimental Forest / Jeju-do Province, Republic of Korea
  • 33° 19'N, 126° 32′E, 400
  • 1000m, 1,382 ha


5 KLTER sites encompass the major forest ecosystem types of Korea. GEF is a very unique forest ecosystem reserved for more than a couple of hundred years. GBS belongs to typical secondary forest in mountainous region characterized by rugged and elevated terrain. GMS is located in warm temperate coastal region. And, SCK is established in fire disturbed area to monitor and assess the forest recovery after fire.
This site selection secures its value for long-term research, especially forest dynamics and disturbance regimes of forest ecosystem covering 65% of total land area of Korea.

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