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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest



Healthy Forest, Rich Mountains, Happy People Korea Forest Service, 40 years in service....
Realizing Sustainable Green Nation
  • 2008 ~ present
  • The Fifth National Forest Plan
  • Under the Korea Forest Service are four bureaus, 20 divisions, one office, 48 affiliate agencies and 1,590 regular employees.
  • Forest budget reaches 1.7 trillion Won
Aiming for sustainable forest management
  • 1998~2007
  • The Fourth National Forest Plan of forest resources development
  • Implementation of the public labor project (437 ha)
  • Establishment of the Green Fund
  • Establishment of the National Arboretum
  • Establishment of the Forest Hall of Fame
  • Enactment of the Charter of Forest Designation of the Mountain Day
  • 5-year forest tending program (1 million ha)
  • Establishment of the National Natural Recreation Forest Office
  • Protected areas of the Baekdudaegan Mountains(263,000 ha)
  • FSC certification for Jeju Experiment Forest and Hongcheon Forest
  • Reorganization into 4 bureaus, 1 unit, 25 teams, 48 affiliate agencies (regular staff: 1,570)
  • Implementation of the Framework Act on Forest
Develpoping forest resources
  • 1998~1997
  • Planning for the Third National Forest Plan of forest resources development (32,000 ha)
  • Opened the Daegwallyeong Natural Recreation Forest
  • Designation of the forestry promotion districts
  • Forest Rehabilitation Monument
  • Establishment of 2 forest management centers, 13 forest management stations, forest aviation office
  • Introduced the forest successor system
  • Forestry Promotion Fund
  • Conservation Measures for the Gwangneung Forest
Dreams of complete re-vegetation come true
  • 1973~1987
  • Reorganized under the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Early completion of the 10-year forest rehabilitation plan (1.08 million ha)
  • the First Forest Owners Council
  • Forest rehabilitation of Yeong-il District (4,538 ha)
  • Special plantation in Daegwallyeong (311ha)
  • Establishment of "Forest Tending Day"
  • Accomplished the second 10-year rehabilitation project (97,000 ha)
  • Reorganized under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Taking the first step
  • 1967~1972
  • Establishment of the Korea Forest Service (formerly Forest Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
    - 4 bureaus, 14 divisions, 44 affiliate agencies, 1,083 regular employees, budget of 2.1 million won
  • extensive plantation plan on 14 districts (3.2 million ha)
  • establishment of unification hills (1,100 sites, 1,767 ha)
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