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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Attractions of KNA


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  • Needle Fir Trail

    Needle Fir Trail Planted in 1927 from fir tree seeds acquired from Woljeongsa in Odaesan, this forest boasts a history of 80 years. It is one of the top three needle fir trails in Korea and the route is about 200m long.

  • Lake Yukrim

    Lake Yukrim This is a small lake with harmony of dense forest and clean water, it gives beautiful view. It was to show the fountainhead cultivation ability of the forest and the usage of the water in the first place, we have installed the generator blocking up the dam, but now it does not generate electricity. The size of the lake surface is 0.3 ha, and there are walking tracks around the lake that the visitors can see the beautiful scene.

  • Hall of Fame of Forest

    Hall of Fame of Forest The Forestry Hall of Fame was established on Arbor Day, April 5, 2001, to honor the accomplishments of those who contributed to the successful forestation of Korean territory. The Hall of Fame presents sculptures of the people who have made remarkable achievements in various fields of forestry.

  • Forest Eco-Trail

    Forest Eco-Deck Established in 1999 with the support of the LG Evergreen Foundation, the eco-deck allows visitors to have a closer look at the forest Visitors can also observe the fir tree that collapsed during the typhoon Kompasu in September 2010. The eco-deck is recognized as one of the most popular sites in the arboretum.

  • Gwangneung Forest World Biosphere Reserve Sculpture

    Gwangneung Forest World Biosphere Reserve Sculpture Created by Sungsoo Kim, this sculpture was established to commemorate the designation of Gwangneung Forest as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in June 2010. Depicting the order of Mother Nature, this sculpture was created based on the geographical image of Gwangneung Forest.

  • National Forest Award Monument

    National Forest Award Monument This monument commemorates the grand prize awarded to Gwangneung Forest in the millennium forest sector during the 2nd National Forest Contest.

  • Reforestation Monument

    Reforestation Monument This monument was established on the 66th Arbor Day (April, 1992) to commemorate the success of the reforestation project (1973-1987), and to reward the dedicated efforts of all nationals in restoring deforested national lands. Former president Roh, Tae-Woo personally inscribed the writing on the monument. The pillar of the monument is 7.2 m (pillar 5.2 m, stylobate 2 m) in height and made of blue diorite, which signifies forestation. The stones used on the floor are composed of indigenous products from 9 Korean provinces.

  • Charter of Restoration

    Charter of Restoration This monument was established on the 57th Arbor Day i to commemorate the ��2002 World Year of Mountains�� designated by the United Nations.

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