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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Eastern Regional Office of Forest Service



I am Director General of the Eastern Regional Office, KO Ki Yeon.

With the long history from the establishment of Gangneung Forest Service (our former title) on 1926 to present day, the Eastern Regional Forest Service has been managing Gangwon province Yeongdong·Yeongseo regions’ 370,000ha of national forests. National forests of our region are core area for the Baekdu-daegan, the backbone of Korea, and also the main production area of pine trees and pine mushrooms. Our forests provide various economical, environmental, and cultural benefits to the local residents.

Creating and managing forests will improve the life quality of our citizens and contribute to the national economy, and respond to the climate changes, as well. We will give our efforts of to the fullest to realize a green-welfare nation‘, managing and caring our forest to be more valuable asset for out nation.

Thank you.

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