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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest


Western Regional Office of Forest Service



I am Director General of the Western Regional Office, Kim Young-Chul.

Our regional office governs over national forests in wide area,including Gwangju metropolitan city, Jeolla provinces, western Gyeongnam region, and 49 cities/districts. In our region, there are various forest resources of sub-tropical/temperate/frigid forests; notably there are Jiri-san (Mt.), which is the highest mountain in mainland of South Korea, and Healing Forest of Jeonnam Jangseong.

Western Regional Office will try our best for the citizens to use forests as their living/working/resting place, and through forest cultivation we will achieve sustainable forest management in order to change forest into a valuable resource and to preserve for future generations. We wish for our website to be a space for sharing various information and opinions with the citizens. Please continue to have your attention and participation.

Thank you.

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