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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest

Forest Land Management


As social and economic conditions are changing owing to population increase and industrial development, forests as land resources are playing more important roles in diverse fields. The current forests cover 6.44 million ha, and in terms of land conservation, 4.96 million ha of reserve forests accounts for 77% and 1.48 million ha of semi-reserve forests makes up 23%. On average, around 10,000 ha of forests are converted for different purposes every year, so conservation restrictions are placed on reserve forests that maintain high forestry productivity and public functions so as to avoid indiscreet forest conservation.

While the KFS has eased irrational restrictions in order to establish an eco-friendly system of forest land use, it has also devised a forest conservation permission scheme which is on operation for analyzing feasibility and investigating suitability. On top of that, the KFS supports foresters whose forests are well-managed, encouraging them to manage and use forests sustainably and eco-friendly.

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