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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest

Infra for Forest Management


The KFS expands the range of infrastructure for facilitating forest management. Forest road is a crucial element for essential forest management activities such as distribution of forest products, prevention of forest pests and diseases, forest fire control, tree planting and silviculture. Forest roads are constructed and well-maintained, and forestry machineries and working systems are also developed in pursuit of increasing forestry productivity.

Forest Road Forest Road Management

Forest road: Forest road is necessary to undertake forest management activities and to carry out prompt actions or duties for forest disaster prevention. The forest road management makes it possible to promote mechanization in the forestry industry and improve forestry productivity. Further, the scope of the forest road management is extending. Forest roads that have been recently constructed in an environmentally sound way are in general use, to name a few, for hiking, mountain biking, mountain sports, recreation activities and health improvement activities.

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