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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest

Support and Desertification Prevention projects


Based on Korea's bilateral cooperation on forestry, many forest projects were completed and some are being implemented in Asia plantation projects to combat desertification in China and Mongolia; the mangrove rehabilitation project and the tree improvement and nursery project in Indonesia; forest rehabilitation project of arid region in central Myanmar.

Moreover, the KFS has continued to transfer forest technologies of forest rehabilitation and management through training programmes by inviting 553 participants from 56 countries including Indonesia, China and Mongolia since 1984.

  • Plantation Project for Desertification Prevention in Western China(‘01~’05, 8,040ha)
  • Plantation Project in Inner Mongolia (‘08~’10, 1,000ha)
  • Forest Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project in Western China by NGO (‘06~'10, 1,400ha)
  • Greenbelt Plantation Project in Mongolia to combat desertification(‘07~’16, 3,000ha)
  • Forest Rehabilitation Project of Arid Region in central Myanmar(‘08~’10, 150ha)

2007 Desert 2009 Greenbelt

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