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Gamak Mountain
Gamak Mountain
Location Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si and Jeongok-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Height of the Mountain 675m
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It belongs to Bugak (North Mountain) among Gyeonggi O-ak (5 mountains of Gyeonggi province) which has supported the glory of Samgaksan (Mt.) because of its prominent virtue since time immemorial. Its geographic feature has made it an important strategic point since the period of the Three States. There was a fierce battle during the Korean War, so War Monuments for the English army and the Korean Patriotic Movement Group are erected on both sides of Seolmachigyegok (Valley) at the bottom of the mountain.
Also, as there was a midway strongpoint of Yim Ggeokjeong (a Robin Hood), there are names of places related to those events. On the top there are still military installations and Seoringwibi (Monument) reminiscent of the Monument for Jinheungwang (King) in Bukhansan (Mt.). This monument has still kept bullet holes and it was designated as a Native Relics No.8 of Paju-gun. The whole feature of the mountain is harmonized with rocky peaks and ridgelines. There are cliffs sparsely so precaution is necessary. You can also view North Korea from this mountain and there is Beomnyunsa (Temple), newly constructed on the site of Ungyesa (Temple) in 1973, and Ungyepokpo (Waterfall) right under it.

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