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Dobong Mountain
Dobong Mountain
Location Yongju-gun, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do and Dobong-gu, Seoul
Height of the Mountain 740m
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Dobongsan covers parts of Dobong-gu, Seoul, and Uijeongbu-si (city), Gyeonggi-do and Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-gun.
Along the chain of mountains of Hanbuk-jeongmaek, stretched out to the southwest from the watershed of Baekdu Daegan Mountain System, via Unaksan (Mt.) and Bulgoksan (Mt.), down to the southwest, it rises high on the northeast side of Seoul, bordering Uiryeong, and continues to Bukhansan (Mt.).
Including Jaunbong, the highest peak, there are Manjangbong (Peak), Seoninbong (Peak) on the south, Obong (Peak) on the west. The rock peaks are prominent and embrace beautiful valleys such as Munsadonggyegok (Valley), Wondobonggyegok (Valley), Musugol (Valley), Obonggyegok (Valley) etc. It has been called Geumgang in Seoul because it seems like Geumgangsan. Jaunbong (Peak 739.5m) is a keen point all of which is made up of rocks that have been cut and cleaned by wind and rain for ages so that they all look queer and fantastic; a shape of a dragon that ascends to heaven, a turtle etc. Manjangbong, the rear peak of Cheonchuksa (Temple) is a 10,000-gil (the height of a man)-tall stone wall and the cream of the crop among the peaks of Dobongsan.
The mountain system of Dobongsan is made up of Sapaeneungseon (Ridge), Podaeneungseon (Ridge), Obongneungseon (Ridge), Dobongjuneungseon (main ridge) that link with Sapaesan (Mt.) Manjangbong (Peak), Obongsan (Mt.) Uiam (Rock) as its main peaks .

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