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Myeongseong Mountain
Myeongseong Mountain
Location Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do and Pocheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Height of the Mountain 923m
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In autumn, it is famous for eulalia trails. Myeongseongsan (Mt., 922.6m) is located 84km northeast from Seoul and 7km from Uncheon. It holds Sanjeonghosu (Lake) at the bottom of the mountain, providing beautiful scenery of the lake and a great hike trails.
There is a legend about the sorrow of Gungye, the founder of Taebongguk (nation). The story is hidden behind the grand Myeongseongsan (Mt.) standing firmly like a folding screen behind the lake. It was called 'Ureumsan (Mt., means mountain of cry)' and later Myeongseongsan (Mt.), using Myeong(crying) and Seong(sound) in chinese letters. According to the legend, the mountain itself cried out for lament of lost nation together with Gungye. Or, the servants and the horses who lost their master cried out until the mountain's cry rang out. The beautiful view with flourishing eulalia has been known to hikers somehow. Since 1997, Myeongseongsan (Mt.) Eulalia Flower Festival has been held each year from the end of September to the beginning of October.
As the hiking trails were developed along with the tourist site of Sanjeonghosu (lake), it is regarded as the best hike trail favored by novices as well as professional hikers. Views from the top show Oseongsan (Mt.) to the north, Sanghaebong (Peak), Daeseongsan (Mt.) and Baegamsan (Mt.) to the northeast, Gwangdeoksan (Mt.) to the east, Baegunsan (Mt.) and Gungmangbong (Peak) to the southeast.

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