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Baegun Mountain
Baegun Mountain
Location Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do and Pocheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Height of the Mountain 904m
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Although the top of Baegunsan (Mt.) is yuksan (covered with soil), granite rocks and precipitous cliffs along the way to the top provides pleasure to the hikers. This mountain (904m) is bordered between Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do, and forms a group along with high peaks such as Gwangdeoksan (Mt.), Gungmangbong (Peak), and Bakdalbong (Peak). Large and small peaks create harmony with fantastic rocks. Clear waters flow from deep valleys. Legends are held in places such as Chwiseondae. They all provide unique scenery each season.
Hiking is suggested to start from Gwangdeokgogae (Pass) which is also called, 'Caramel pass'. This nickname came from the Korean War. During the war a U.S. Army driver dozed off while driving through the steep pass then his senior officer gave him a caramel to strengthen him. When climbing upon the left ridge of Gwangdeokgogae (Pass), you can reach eulalia field. Following up the gentle ridge, you can see the top of Baegunsan (Mt.). Going over a couple of peaks, through the path along fir trees and over another two peaks, you can reach the top. To the north lies Gwangdeoksan (Mt.). Gungmangbong (Peak) to the south, Myeongjisan (Mt.) and Hwaaksan (Mt.) can be seen to the east. To descend, follow the ridge path open to the west.

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