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Soyo Mountain
Soyo Mountain
Location Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-gun and Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Height of the Mountain 587m
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It is located in Soyodong, Dongducheon-si (city), and is the number one mountain north of Hangang (River). Although it is not vast, it has unique physical aspect. Azaleas in spring and maples in autumn form spectacles to behold, earning the nickname of little Geumgang (Mt.) of Gyeonggi. Wonhyodaesa (Great Priest of Buddhism) had trained himself and achieved great wisdom here, making a Buddhist monument. Jajaeam (Temple), Wonhyopokpo (Waterfall) and large parking lot at the entrance make it admired as a great one day tour for metropolitans.
Although it is not thrilling or magnificent, the aesthetic shapes show its culmination. Sharp strange rocks form miraculous peaks, and deep valleys provide unique atmosphere. On the way to the top stand nice and tiny Cheongnyangpokpo (Water fall). And Wonhyopokpo (Water fall), as high as 10m, comes out with a little more climb, making a loud noise and white splashes. Clear mineral spring inside Iljumun and at the back of the parking lot in Jajaeam (Temple) suggests preparing a couple of water bottles. Dongducheon-si (city) is taking direct care of it, providing clean and orderly sight.
Euisangdae on the top of Soyosan is 587m above sea level and is located on northeastern part of Dongducheon. The origin of the name Soyosan derives from Seo Gyeongduk, a painter, Yang Saeon, Bonglae, and Kim Siseup, Maeweoldang who had often rambled (soyo). The little Geumgang lures lots of visitors every year with its natural dense forests and sceneries.
If you ascend along the first valley and you will reach Habaegundae where you can see Cheongnyangpokpo (Water fall). Upon the right is Weonhyodae where Weonhyodaesa had meditated, and crossing a few bridges, you will arrive at Baegunam (Temple). Legend says that Weonhyodaesa achieved wisdom right at the moment he had tried to throw himself from a cliff for not being able to achieve it.

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