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Bangtae Mountain
Bangtae Mountain
Location Sangnam-myeon and Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Height of the Mountain 1444m
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Baegunsan (Mt.) holds Donggang (River). Donggang (River) holding the "secret of ancient times" and "heavenly sight" flows quietly from the deep mountains of Gangwon-do. Considering this, the hike in Baegunsan (Mt.) gives you the feeling of becoming a fairy. To hike in Baegunsan (Mt.), you should cross Donggang (River). You should also cross the river back after the hike. But you can also ride in a boat to Seopsae after coming down from Chiljongnyeong (Ridge) to Munhee village without crossing the water. This is the way to enjoy both mountains and river at the same time. But, the hike to Baegunsan (Mt.) usually starts from Jeomjae village.
If you arrive at the saddle of the ridge after crossing the river through the village and across the cliff diagonally on the back, take the course to the ridge at the end of the cliff continuing endlessly. The scenery of Donggang (River) viewed from this ridge is magnificent. After the cliff road ends and the gentle ridge is passed, it is the top. It takes 2 hours from Jeomje to the top. From the top to Jejang village, a steep ridge composed of 5 peaks continues. Especially, this section is quite dangerous since the trail hangs at the end of the cliff. You must be cautious at all times and should not hike on rainy days or on wet grounds. In the saddle right before the last peak, there is a passage leading down to Munhee village. Since the road is gentle and wide, it seems like walking on park roads. 30 minutes' walk from the crossroad will lead you to the riverside.

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