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Gitdaebong Mountain
Gitdaebong Mountain
Location Hongdo, Heuksa-myeon, Sinan, Jellanam-do
Height of the Mountain 368m
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Hongdo (Island) is located in Hongdo-ri, Heuksan-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do. It belongs to Daeheuksan main island in the National Marine Park of Archipelago (多島海海上國立公園), and is also called Maegado (Island). In Hongdo, including the main island, over 20 belonging islands make up a scenic masterpiece and is also called Sogeumgang (little Geumgang) in the South Sea. Especially, the sun rise at Nokseom (island) is a superb view. In the middle of waves, the spectacle of rising sun between 2 rocks defies description. Aside from it, the glow of the sunset is another mystic spectacle that shouldn't be missed.
The whole island of Hongdo is designated as a National Monument.
So no clump of grass, or no stone can be taken out of the island. Expecially, the Pungnan (風蘭) (a kind of orchid) which is growing amid strong sea wind is a very precious orchid.
In Hongdo, you can enjoy everything such as sea bathing, a steamer tour, hiking. But depending on the weather conditions such as typhoon, boats can't start a lot of times because it's an island. At least 3 days' schedule will make it enough to look around the whole island. There are over 500 rare plants such as camellia trees, silver magnolia and Japanese laurel, and over 200 animals and insects inhabiting together.
You can hike along the back side of Hongdo elementary school. Slopes are extremely steep. Trees such as royal azalea, and camellias are densely growing. The main peak is very pointed at the top so it looks like a needle.
To the southwest, Yangsangbong (Peak) is like a strip of Oriental painting. To the east a thick forest is magnificent.

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