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Baekdun-ri Village in Gapyeong

Baekdun-ri Village in Gapyeong
The whole Buk-myeon in Gapyeong-gun was designated as an immaculate area by Minister of Environment. Especially Baekdun Village is famous for its beautiful views and clear waters so it is visited by a number of people from Seoul and other place for the summer. By the mountain village development project, village roads have been well-maintained, street lights installed and the visitors' center set up. Farming experience center and forest recreation facility were also established. It's good for families to visit and experience the mountain village for a couple of days.
Local specialty and food
Local specialty
apple, edible wild plants, pyogo mushroom, Gorosoe sap, Gapyeong rice
rice mixed with wild edible plants, neck fatback, buckwheat noodles
Yeoninsan (Mt.) Royal Azalea Festival, Beakdungyegok (Valley), Namiseom (Island), Sudeoksan (Mt.), Agricultural Relics Museum
agricultural experiences, observing freshwater fish, wild edible plants picking, outdoor charcoal barbecue, traditional game experience
mountain village recreation facility : 8 mountain village recreation buildings
mountain village homestay : 40 families
Yi Hakgyu, Chairman of Mountain Village Development Promotion Committee, Beakdun-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong
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How to get there
Gapyeong-eup -- Site of Buk-myeon office (13Km) -- Jwacheuk (for Myeongjisan (Mt.)) -- Heosuabi (Scarecrow) village -- Baekdunmaeul
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