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Korea Forest Service Come nestle in bosom of nature,our green forest

Forest Recreation

What is Tree Burials?

Tree burials

Tree Burial" by burying the cremated powdered bones around the root of designated plants, is a burial based on the dispensation of return to nature where the dead co-exist with the trees and the "forest for tree burial" means the forest for tree burial.

Background and Goals of the Plan

  • 998㎢, 1% of the whole country is encroached by cemetery and each year, graveyards of 9㎢,the 1.2 times of the size of Yeoeui-do are generated.
  • This is the half of 2,117㎢ of residential areas in the entire country, and 1.6 time of the size of Seoul.
  • The traditional burial cultural damages excessively and also some luxurious grave causes social disharmony.
  • The harmful effect and problems are exposed like the increase of damage by getting larger and encroachment of the country.
  • The efficient management of the land based on living eternally with trees and th idea of return to the nature, the improvement of burial culture and the settlement of eco-friendly burial culture minimizing natural damages are necessary.
  • Creating and spreading forest for tree burial for our culture

Scope of the plan

  • Location : 57 compartment # San 6 Gye-jeong-lee Yang-dong-myeon Yang-pyeong-gun Gyung-gi-do
  • Land owner : The Office of Forestry(administrational property)
  • Land register area : 578㏊
  • Area for Natural burials forest formation : 55㏊
  • TArea for model forest formation : 10㏊
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