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Un-ak-san(雲岳山) Recreation Forest

Un-ak-san(雲岳山) Recreation Forest
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Province/City Gyeonggi-do
Location Hwahyeon-ri, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Total Area 151 ha
Year of Establishment 2007
Accommodation Capacity 200 persons per day
Management Office National Natural Recreation Forest Office
Telephone Number +82-31-534-6330

Un-ak-san(雲岳山) mountain is 935.5m above the sea level and has fantastic rocks and peaks. The mountain scenery is beautiful enough to be named as So-Geum-Gang, a little diamond. In the mountain there is King Goong-ye’s castle remains, which is a historical site of ancient Hoo(means post)-Go-gu-ryo Dynasty. The main peak Man-kyung-dae and other majestic rocks on each peak soar up above clouds. Around the valleys among the rocks and peaks are broad-leaf trees shielding the sky. The autumnal Un-ak-san crimson-tinted festival is held in mid-October at the entrance of the mountain located in Hwahyeon-myeon Pocheon city, offering a ritual to the mountain god, Samulnori(traditional percussion quartet), flower exhibition, local special product sales and other activities, all of which are loved by tourists. Lily Magnolia in mid-April and Dahurian Rhodidendron and Kobus Magnolia in May are in full bloom in each and every valley like some spectacular flower embroidery. Besides, Un-ak-san is one of 5 Ak-sans (means rocky mountain) in the middle part of the country along with Kwan-ak-san, Chi-ak-san, Hwa-ark-san and Song-ak-san, all of which are popular as well.

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