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Yong-hwa-san Recreation Forest

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Province/City Gangwon-do
Location Goseong-ri, Sabuk-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Total Area 2,089 ha
Year of Establishment 2006
Accommodation Capacity
Management Office National Natural Recreation Forest Office
Telephone Number +82-33-243-9261

Yong-hwa-san Recreation Forest is located close to such lakes as Para-ho, Chun-cheon-ho, Ui-am-ho and So-yang-ho with several paths up the mountain to the main peak Man-jang-bong standing 878m above the sea level with Se-nam rock, Stair-way rock, Deuk-nam rock and Candle-stick rock looking down to the lakes below the mountain.

The forest floor consists of pine trees, oak trees, Schmidt birch trees, larch trees and Sargent cherry, Dicentra spectabilis (L.) Lem, Aquilegia buergeriana var. oxysepala (Trautv & Meyer) Kitam and Hepatica aslatica Nakai, Aster pekinensis (Hance) Chen, Dendranthema zawadskii var. latilobum (Maxim.) Kitam, Sasa borealis (Hack.) Makino Convallaria keiskei Miq. and Small Solomonseal, all of which are harmonizing well with the virgin forest. There also live such wild animals as wild boars, rabbits, squirrels and Capreolus capreolus, amphibians like Leopard frog and brown frog and birds like crows, Korean magpie, turtle dove and falcon.

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