KFS beefs up pine wilt monitoring

DATE : 2012-10-10

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KFS beefs up pine wilt monitoring 이미지1

Special inspection team to crack down on spread of pine wilt

The Korea Forest Service will strengthen monitoring of pine wood products in October, a high season for the industry when the deadly pine wilt disease may also easily spread.

The measure comes as new infestation cases have been reported in woodlands in Daegu and Seongju, sparking concerns that pine wilt, a disease of pine caused by the pinewood nematode, bursaphelenchus xylophilus, may be spreading toward the northern part of South Korea, mainly Gyeonggi and Gangwon Provinces.

Distribution of pine wood products from infected regions has been suspected as one major factor. Pine trees that are killed by the pine wilt disease could be a host for the pine sawyer beetle that moves the disease from tree to tree.

In partnership with 261 provincial and municipal governments and national forest offices, the inspection team will operate from October 12 to 31, monitoring gardening and timber production facilities and processing factories that produce, process and distribute pine wood. Any transportation of pine wood products without certification or failure to provide production and distribution records can result in a fine of up to 10 million won (approx. US$9,000) or a jail term of up to one year according to the special law on the prevention of pine wilt.

“Through this inspection, we will take every possible measure to eliminate the artificial factors of the spread of pine wilt,” Yoon Young-kyoon, director general of the KFS Northern Regional Office, said.

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