The 69th Arbor Day: Planting the Future of Korea

DATE : 2014-04-03

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The 69th Arbor Day: Planting the Future of Korea 이미지1 The 69th Arbor Day: Planting the Future of Korea 이미지2

The 69th Arbor Day: Planting the Future of Korea

52 Million trees to be planted in 22,00 ha, till the end of April

Arbor Day events include tree planting experiences and presenting free trees 

The 5th day of April, Arbor Day (Sikmogil), is the day to remember the importance of trees, forests, and the environment. The Republic of Korea celebrates the 69th National Arbor Day this year, since it was first declared in 1949. Even though it is no longer a public holiday (only until 2005), Arbor Day is still vigorously celebrated throughout the nation.

There are reasons why April 5th was chosen as Arbor Day in Korea. First, it is because the day is around Cheongmyeong (clear and balmy season) which is the best time to plant trees and flowers. Secondly, it is because historical events coincide on the same day such as the Unification of the Korean Peninsula by the Shilla Dynasty in 677 and the field cultivation carried out by King Seongjong of Chosun Dynasty on the site known as "Sonnogdan" located outside of Dongdaemunin in 1343.

The Minister of the Korea Forest Service (KFS) has announced that 52 million trees will be planted in 22,000 ha (76 times the size of Yeouido) from late February until the end of April, 2014. Moreover, various Arbor Day events such as presenting free trees to the citizens and providing tree planting experiences will take place before and after the April 5th.

Arbor Day 
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