KFS Joins the Mangrove Alliance for Climate

DATE : 2024-06-10

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KFS Joins the Mangrove Alliance for Climate 이미지1

The Korea Forest Service (Minister Nam Sunghyun) announced their membership on 17 May to the Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC) led by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Indonesia, as the 42nd member amongst other partners such as Germany, India, Japan, and etc.

MAC is a multilateral partnership established to protect and restore mangrove forests. Recognizing the Republic of Korea’s efforts dedicated to restoring mangrove forests including restoration activities in 2005 for areas in Indonesia damaged by tsunamis, as well as in Vietnam, Guyana, Pacific Island Countries, and other regions, MAC strongly encouraged the ROK to join the partnership and share their experience of successful reforestation with the international community.

Mangrove forests refer to trees or shrubs that grow on riversides or coasts of tropical and subtropical regions, and are known to store four to five times more carbon than terrestrial tropical forests. They are significant ecosystems that play vital roles in providing habitats for animals and protecting the land from natural disasters such as tsunamis, typhoons, and etc.

While current extreme climate conditions are exacerbating the frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as tsunamis and rising ocean levels, mangrove forests are being highlighted as the key solution that absorbs carbon dioxide and restores marine ecosystems.

“The KFS plans to continue mangrove restoration projects to protect developing countries vulnerable to tsunamis and typhoons intensified due to climate change,” stated Minister Nam Sunghyun of the Korea Forest Service. “The Republic of Korea will play a pivotal role in managing disasters and responding to climate change within the international community by strengthening cooperation with MAC members.” he added.

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