Crafts classes in forests
  • DATE2014-08-05
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The National Recreation Forest in Baekun Mt. is offering crafts classes as part of the Education for Sustainable Development (EDS) official project and is planning to diversify the program.

By using a traditional method of natural dyeing, people learn to make woodcrafts out of recycled waste wood and forest by-products. In particular, starting this August, the Recreation Forest will provide a silkworm cocoon experience opportunity based on traditional sericulture. Furthermore, recycled corn husks from nearby farms will be used as core materials.

These crafts classes were approved last December as an official project under the UNESCO’s ESD scheme. So far, about 1,400 people from CSOs, local community and developing countries took part in the program.

Relevant actions in the field of education have been encouraged as education was identified as an essential tool for achieving sustainable development. In summary, EDS is the practice of teaching for sustainability and the crafts classes are an effective means of promoting the concept to the participants.

It is envisaged that the program will be further developed in order to create high-quality public befits from forests.

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