Efforts with local citizens to protect the forest
  • DATE2023-06-21
  • HITS2187
The Korea National Arboretum, led by Director General Choi Young-tae, recently partnered with local citizens to protect the Gwangneung Forest. In honor of the 78th Arbor Day, the organization planted 1,300 trees and conducted cleanup activities to collect garbage from the forest and nearby Bongsensacheon Stream.

Posco E&C and Posco Steeleon executives and employees also participated in the event. They joined forces with the Korea National Arboretum to implement carbon-neutral strategies, planting fir trees and Fraxinus densata, the native species of Gwangneung Forest.

In addition to the planting and cleanup efforts, the event aimed at commemorating the 50th anniversary of reforestation and preserving the biodiversity of the Gwangneung Forest.

During the cleanup, not only was garbage discarded on the frequently traversed Gwangneung Forest road collected, but also garbage washed away by Bongseonsacheon Stream.

Director General Choi emphasized the significance of this year's Arbor Day celebration. He said, "The trees planted today will be a valuable asset in preserving the forest ecosystem of Gwangneung Forest. The Korea National Arboretum is committed to doing its best to manage and preserve this forest, which has been around for over 550 years.“
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