Youth Baekdu-daegan Forest Ecosystem Field Trip

DATE : 2014-07-30

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July 23, 2014

The Minister of the Korea Forest Service, Dr. SHIN Won-Sop announced that the 'Youth Baekdu-daegan Forest Ecosystem Field Trip' will be held [currently ongoing] from July 26 to 31, along the major areas of Baekdu-daegan. This year's event is the 14th field trip, hosted by the Korea Mounteering Support Center (KOMOUNT) and the Corean Alpine Club (CAC) as one of the Mounteering School's education programs.

With the beginning of the Summer Break, about 300 youths have participated in this trip. They will be divided into 10 teams. From Mt. Seorak to Mr. Jiri (684km), the Baekdu-daegan trails will also be divided into 10 sections; so each team will travel one section of the Baekdu-daegan.

The youth will observe and research the characteristics of Baekdu-daegan forest ecosystem and vegetation. Along with these activities, they will also visit nearby forest-cultural heritages as well as the damaged regions of Baekdu-daegan to feel the need for the forest restoration via firsthand experience.

Other than the youths, about 120 instructors and volunteers (including professional mountaineers, voluntary lecturers, volunteer helpers and forest interpreters) will also participate in this trip, supporting and managing the safe mountaineering as well as teaching the mountaineering culture and forest emergency measures.

Director CHOI Byeong-am of Forest Utilization Bureau, KFS commented that "this will be an excellent experience for our youth, who are the future of our society, developing autonomy and patience as well as learning how to love our homeland."

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