KOREA-Austria 4th Forestry Cooperative Committee

DATE : 2024-03-22

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Korea-Austria Forge Ahead in Forestry Cooperation, Pioneering Leading-Edge Forestry Practices

The 4th Meeting of the Korea-Austria Forestry Cooperative Committee takes place in Daejeon on March 19, 2024.

Seoul, March 19, 2024 - the Korea Forest Service (KFS) hosted officials from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions, and Water Management of the Republic of Austria at the Government Complex in Daejeon for the 4th Korea-Austria Forestry Cooperative Committee (FCC). The meeting centered on the exchange of policies and research between the two countries, with a focus on potential collaborations in forest fire and avalanche control, forest road and forestry machinery, and the virtuous cycle in local forestry and forest culture.
Forestry collaboration between the two nations traces its roots to October 2012, marked by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Forestry Cooperation at the Korea National Arboretum located in Pocheon, Korea. Austria, renowned as a forefront player in forestry, boasts a rich history of sustainable forest management and timber harvest. Notably, it has spearheaded forestry machinery designed for harvesting timber on steep-slope mountains, mirroring the terrain of Korea’s mountainous regions, and exported such equipment to Korea.
To date, Korea has absorbed Austria’s advanced forestry technologies and policies. However, there is a reciprocal exchange underway, with Austria now seeking insights from Korea in the realms of forest fire control and seed conservation, where Korea excels. The current FCC serves as a pivotal opportunity for both nations to broaden and deepen their forestry cooperation.
Following the meeting, the Austrian delegation will visit key forestry institutions, including the Korea Forest Welfare Institutes, the Baekdudaegan Arboretum, and the Forest Technology and Management Research Center from March 20 to 21. These on-site discussions aim to foster collaboration in the fields of forest therapy, seed conservation, and forestry machinery.
Director General NAM Song Hee, leading the Korean side, emphasized, “Our commitment lies in cultivating mutually beneficial cooperation with Austria. We aspire to glean insights from their advanced forestry technologies while contributing by sharing Korea’s exemplary forestry policies.”

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