2nd Korea-Japan High-Level Dialogue on Forestry
  • DATE2014-11-25
  • HITS2957

The Korea-Japan Forest Partnership shapes up towards sustainable forest management and climate change response.

The 2nd meeting of Korea-Japan High-Level Dialogue on Forestry was held on 17 November 2014 in Tokyo, Japan between the Korea Forest Service (KFS) and the Forestry Agency of Japan and co-chaired by KFS Minister Dr. SHIN Won Sop and Director General of Forestry Agency Mr. Satoshi Imai.

Both sides shared policies and measures for sustainable forest management, wood use promotion and climate change response and agreed to establish a sisterhood relationship on national forest management and organize a symposium on forest biomass and timber use promotion. Further they expressed their continued commitments to shared efforts on the progress of key international environment negotiations.

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