New Year’s Wish: Complete Pine Wilt Control
  • DATE2015-01-09
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New Year's Wish:Complete Pine Wilt Control

The first meeting of the year took place at the pine wilt prevention site in Pohang, Northern Gyeongsang Province in parallel with a pine wilt prevention rally.  

The Korea Forest Service (Minister SHIN, Won-sop) started off the new year at the pine wilt prevention site in Gigye-myun, Buk-gu, Pohang, Northern Gyeongsang Province. More than 200 KFS officers participated in this unique gathering to wish for complete pine wilt prevention.

Experts in pine wilt disease demonstrated the control methods such as harvesting, chipping, and fumigation, providing a great opportunity to raise officers understanding of the pine wilt control. All participants, including Minister SHIN, also helped the experts with extermination activities. Minister SHIN showed a strong will to have pine wilt under control, stating that KFS will do its best to root out pine wilt completely by 2019. 

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