ROK-Central Asia Fellowship Event
  • DATE2014-05-19
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On Tuesday, 13 May 2014, KFS has hosted the ROK-Central Asia Fellowship event at the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) in Seoul. The Korea Forest Service (KFS) has invited the Ambassadors of the Central Asian states to the Republic of Korea (ROK) to enjoy fellowship and inform them on the ROK's forest policy and the history of forest restoration.

The Ambassadors of the Republic of Kazakhstan (H.E. Dulat Bakishev), Kyrgyzstan Republic (H.E. Duishonkul Chotonov), and the Republic of Uzbekistan (H.E. Alisher Kurmanov) have attended this event. Unfortunately, the representatives from the Republic of Turkmenistan could not attend the event due to a conflict in the schedule, and also Tajikistan (Tajikistan is yet to establish the embassy in ROK). From the Korean side, the Minister of KFS, Director General of the KFRI, Director General of the Korea National Arboretum, Director General of the International Affairs Bureau of KFS, and a Director from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have participated to this event. Throughout the event, consecutive interpreting from Korean to Russian was provided.

KFS had prepared a presentation on the ROK's forest policies, by the Director General of the International Affairs Bureau of KFS, and a tour of the Hongneung Arboretum. After the tour, banquet was held, followed by a short movie clip on the ROK's history of forest restoration. We have attached those presentation and movie clip. We hoped that understanding the background would contribute to the greater and grander cooperation in the field of forestry between the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Turkmenistan, and other Central Asian countries.

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