Introducing GPS for Mountain Survey in Korea

DATE : 2003-11-26

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Introducing GPS for Mountain Survey in Korea

On 22nd of November, Northern National Forest Office announced that it would introduce Global Positioning System(GPS) to facilitate the efficiency of job and accuracy of the data, approaching to the advanced forestry administration. The Office has recently spent about $25,000 for installing GPS in Hong-cheon National Forest Station, and it will lay out $150,000 to install the GPS facilities in National Forest Stations of Chun-cheon, Yang-gu, In-jae, Su-won and Seoul. GPS reads the accurate time and distance from three satellites and enables receivers to compute or mark their present position. Moreover, GPS is a high technology system that provides data on latitude, longitude and altitude so that receivers can survey mountains more effective ways.

With GPS enabling clear division of national and private forest areas, we can expect to prevent civil complaints beforehand.

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