Story on forestry officials, exploring North Korean forests

DATE : 2003-11-28

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Story on forestry officials, exploring North Korean forests

Eleven officials from Korea Forest Service have launched a study group for studying forests of North Korea. The first assignment for each member was to gather all the data relevant to North Korean forestry from in and outside sources. The new group, named ‘Study Team on North Korea Forests’ is collecting materials from government bodies, academic publications and the Internet. After they organize all materials, they will hold public fora to raise awareness of and to share their findings so that other officials could use them as good references.

The research will focus on the present situation of North Korean forestry, progress on cooperation between South and North Korea, various forest organizations, relevant policies and laws. Later on, a database will be established based on the research.

The results will be posted on the homepage (www.foa.go.kr) for the reference of researchers on North Korean forests and general public. Moreover, the group will collaborate with Research Unit for International and North Korean Forests in Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI), sharing information.

While the Research Unit has sufficient materials with respect to academic researches, its data on forest administration and management are relatively inadequate. In a long-term, the group will provide policy data for formulating a comprehensive forest management plan in North Korea, preparing for unification of North and South Koreas.

Furthermore, the freshly self-proclaimed group will hold a forum in early next year, inviting loggers defected from North Korea to the South, and they will discuss about the details of North Korean forestry and plantation. The team leader, Jeon, Bum-kwon, (Strategic Planning Team of KFS) said, “ KFS could approach to researching North Korean forests in more professional ways; however, lack of attention has hindered such opportunity.” “ We all hope that our work will provide the foundation for North Korean forest studies.” Mr. Jeon added.

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