Inauguration of K-Recreation Forest in Cambodia

DATE : 2024-01-11

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Inauguration of K-Recreation Forest in Cambodia 이미지1

Inauguration of K-Recreation Forest, K-Garden, Marks a Historic Milestone in Cambodia

Since the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for bilateral forest cooperation in 2008, Cambodia and the Republic of Korea have collaborated closely. The Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center was established in 2016 and it is promoting various forest cooperation projects such as the creation of natural recreation forests. In particular, the Korea Forest Service, in cooperation with Cambodia, issued 650,000 tons of carbon credits for the first time in 2020 through the REDD+ pilot project from 2015, and is currently pursuing a second stage pilot project.
* Project overview : Period (8 years, ’15~’22), Target site (Cambodia Kampung Tom, 41,194ha)

Over 100 officials from both countries participated in the joint event, with notable figures including Lim Sang-seop, Vice Minister of the Korea Forest Service, Ung Sam Ath, Cambodia’s Vice Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Prak Sophoan, Governor of Siem Reap, Jin Sun-pil, Vice Executive Director of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization(AFoCO), Nam Tae-heon, President of the Korea Forest Welfare Institution, and local residents from Cambodia.

Collaborating with the Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center, the Korea Forest Service is actively engaged in the creation of a natural recreation forest where natural species of rose families are distributed near global cultural heritage sites like Angkor Wat. This initiative aims to harmonize Cambodia’s historical culture, forest recreation, and ecology.

It is expected to form a Korean-style forest recreation complex in Cambodia by spreading Korea’s excellent forest welfare policies through the creation of Cambodian natural recreation forests and connecting world-class cultural heritage tourist attractions with Korea-ASEAN gardens.

Lim Sang-seop, Vice Minister of the Korea Forest Service, said, “We are committed to seamlessly completing the Cambodian natural recreation forest project. Our goal is to contribute to the economic growth of the local community as well as promoting forest recreation and tourism development, and ensuring the preservation of Cambodia’s invaluable forest environment.”

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