KFS, No. 1 in the Public Service Performance

DATE : 2015-03-12

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KFS ranked the number one in the 2014 Public Service Evaluation.

At the recent cabinet meeting, the Korea Forest Service was honored with the highest overall score in the 2014 Public Service Evaluation.

Each year, based on the Government Performance Evaluation Act, the Government Performance Evaluation Committee (co-chaired by the Prime Minister and Prof. Hae Young LEE of Youngnam University) conducts the evaluation on the central government ministries.

This year, total of 656 committee members, consist of public service performance panelists, experts, citizens, etc., judged 42 central government agencies on four major categories including regulatory reform and public satisfaction among others.

KFS excelled in the Major Policy category with the organization’s public-friendly policies such as urban forests, school forests, and increased forest welfare services. In addition, its regulatory reform was also highly recognized for alleviating regulations on development or investment in conserved mountain land.

Minister Won Sop SHIN of KFS stated that the organization was able to be awarded with the good result thanks to each and every one of its dedicated members. He also added that KFS will continue to build its capacity to meet the public’s growing demands and to serve the people with better forest policies.

Source: Creative Administration Division, Korea Forest Service
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