KFS Guinness Attempt with 1,226 Tree Hugs

DATE : 2015-03-24

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KFS Guinness Attempt with 1,226 Tree Hugs 이미지1 KFS Guinness Attempt with 1,226 Tree Hugs 이미지2 KFS Guinness Attempt with 1,226 Tree Hugs 이미지3

KFS Attempt at the Guinness World Records on the Largest Tree Hug with 1,226
- Attempt exceeded the current US record of 936 (by 290 people) -
- Plans to receive Guinness World Records certification before the Arbor Day -

On March 21, the Korea Forest Service (Minister SHIN Won-sop) had attempted to break the Guinness World Records with total of 1,226 participants, in commemoration of the International Day of Forests set by UN. The current record is 936 people hugging the trees in July 2013, held by the Treecology, Inc. and Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon of the United States.

This 'Tree Hug' event was held at the Korea National Arboretum in Pocheon, Gyeonggi province of ROK, co-organized by the Korea Forest Service, Olleh KT, ZOO Coffee, Pocheon Office of Education, ForestForLife Corp. and National Forestry Cooperative Federation. At the sound of signal horns, 1,226 participants, including the Minister SHIN, hugged the trees for about 3 minutes.

After the 'Tree Hug' event, the Korea National Arboretum was open for free, and there were other sub-events such as the performance by a hip-hop brass band, photo zone for the Guinness record attempt, and various exhibitions and activities.

Minister Shin stated that "with the 70th anniversary of our Arbor Day, as well as the International Day of Forests, we would like to raise awareness towards the importance of the forests through this event." One participant to this event said, "I participated to this event since I wanted to share my thankfulness towards the forests with other people, of how thankful we should be towards the forests."

As for the verification of the world record breaking, KFS plans to send all materials including photos, videos, and statements to the Guinness World Records so that the Guinness Record for KFS would be received before this year's 70th Arbor Day (April 5).

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