KFS launches Forestry Trade Division

DATE : 2015-01-16

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KFS launches Forestry Trade Division

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) partially reorganized its divisions and newly launched the Forestry Trade Division on the 6th of January, 2015.

The new Division, mainly in charge of the trade and export of forest products, is expected to enhance the ability to respond to the fast-changing trade environment such as the recently signed Korea-China FTA and increase exports of domestic products. It also plans to expand markets overseas, build the export capacity by newly assisting export supporting funds (insurance, certification, etc.), and take action in prohibiting illegal logging and associated trade.

"We have set an export target of 500 million USD for forest products this year, in order to actively respond to the rapidly changing trade environment." Ms. LEE Soon Wook, Director of the Forestry Trade Division, said in a press conference. She also added that, "Our Division will do our best to create more opportunities in exporting and introducing the high-quality forest products of Korea to the world."

Source: Forestry Trade Division
For further information, contact: +82 42 481 1822 (deborah0214@forest.go.kr)

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