Celebration of International Day of Forests 2024

DATE : 2024-03-28

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International Day of Forests 2024, showcasing advanced forest science and technology

The KFS (Minister NAM Sunghyun) announced on the 21st that it held a commemorative event for ‘International Day of Forests’ with the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO), attended by Hyoeun Jenny Kim, Ambassador and Deputy Minister for Climate Change in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a representative from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO).

The United Nations (UN) designates March 21st as International Day of Forests each year to remind people of the importance of forests. This year's theme for International Day of Forests is "Forests and Innovation," conveying the message that a better world can be created through forest innovation. This underscores the importance of forest science and technology innovation in addressing global issues such as climate change response, large-scale forest fire disaster management, and biodiversity conservation.

At the event, the KFS and AFoCO presented international forest cooperation policies and the status of forest science research. The National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS) showcased demonstrations such as implementing 'Pinus densiflora f. multicaulis' as a three-dimensional virtual model based on digital twin technology, applying information and communication technology (ICT) to forest fire disaster management, carbon-neutral timber construction, monitoring technology of the forestry and agriculture satellite, etc.

Dk Nooriyah Pg Yussof, ambassador of Brunei to Korea stated, "I hope that Korea's innovative forest science and technology will be widely disseminated in the international community and become a catalyst for creating a better world through forests."

Hyoeun Jenny Kim, Ambassador and Deputy Minister for Climate Change in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized, "Now, the international community is requesting not only national reforestation but also the dissemination of forest innovation based on advanced science and technology from Korea, a global forest nation."

Minister NAM Sunghyun stated, "We will share our experiences and best practices in forest innovation with the world, positioning our country as a global green hub nation."

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